Large Tech Campus Improves Operations and Lower Costs


A large, state-of-the-art corporate tech campus.


The tech campus was sprawling, and not planned with waste in mind. Great Forest worked to overcome waste design challenges built into the facility that hampered waste reduction efforts.

Great Forest worked to right-size waste equipment and pickup schedules, and consolidated waste equipment in the best locations to minimize waste transport. This resulted in lower waste hauling costs, less spills and trash overflows, and made the best use of the space available.


The waste removal process at the sprawling campus was inefficient because:

    • Waste was being hauled at various times/days.
    • The janitorial team had to move waste over long distances to reach waste processing equipment.
    • The many pieces of waste equipment were taking up valuable space.


  • Great Forest analyzed the client's waste generation.
  • Based on the data, Great Forest recommended sourcing three compactors.
  • Great Forest identified equipment vendors and worked with them and the on-site team to ensure that the. compactors were placed in positions that enabled easy truck access and optimized waste flow.
  • Great Forest provided training for culinary and janitorial teams to safely utilize the new equipment.
  • The waste hauling service schedule was optimized to have fewer pickups/week.


  • Lower hauling costs due to fewer hauls per week.
  • More space for other value added activities. The client decided to use the found space to implement a waste sorting program for increased waste diversion.
  • Better sanitation and hygiene because compacted waste is less likely to spill, fall, or spread during handling and storage.

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