Presentation to Students on Green Building in NYC

Green Building

In mid-July Great Forest’s Nate Kimball gave a talk to an undergraduate UCLA class about green building in New York. The class, entitled UCLA in New York, focused on comparing New York City’s green efforts to Los Angeles’ efforts.

Nate presented case studies of new buildings that are LEED certified such as Bank of America, Hearst, and the New York Times building. He then discussed PlaNYC, the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, the Green Codes Task Force, and how current legislation will impact energy use in buildings in New York City.

“The students were surprised at how much New York is doing behind the scenes to green its buildings,” said Nate. “They were very interested in comparing NYC and LA in terms of green building education.” The talk was held at the American Institute of Architects in New York, and the course instructor was David Halle.

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