NYC’s Proposed New Energy Efficiency Laws

City officials estimate that building owners would save approximately $750 million a year in energy costs with new legislation proposed under the Mayor’s “Greener, Greater Buildings Plan for New York City.”

The plan, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and make buildings more energy efficient, targets some 22,000 buildings in NYC larger 50,000 sq ft.  These older buildings contribute nearly 80% of the greenhouse gases in the city, and spend $15 billion every year for energy.

The focus will be on energy reduction measures that pay for themselves quickly. The city’s six-point plan includes:

1) Creation of a NYC specific Energy Code
2) Lighting Upgrades
3) Benchmarking
4) Audits and Retrofits
5) Green Workforce Development
6) Green Building Financing

To find out how the proposed new laws will affect you, or to start preparing for energy audits and benchmarking now, contact your Great Forest representative.

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