NYC Commercial Buildings Bicycle Access Bill

A bill was signed into law recently requiring all building owners and managers to allow tenants and their employees to bring bicycles into a commercial building via freight elevators.

Great Forest reminds building owners that facilitating the use of bicycles and public transportation for commuters may assist buildings seeking LEED or other green building certifications.

While the specific procedures and forms are being developed by the Department of Transportation, please note the following legislation details:

·    This new law takes effect at the end of December 2009.
·    The request for bike access must come from the leaseholder, not an employee of such, on a form to be designed and provided by the Department of Transportation.
·    The law allows for access to the tenant space via the building freight elevator during freight elevator hours only.
·    The owner/manager is not required to provide bike storage.  All bikes must be stored within tenant premises.
·    If the building cannot accommodate bicycles using the freight elevator, the owner/manager could be exempt from complying with the requirement.

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