NYC Businesses: New Rules Being Enforced

Are You In Compliance FINAL 2-

Attention all NYC businesses. The warning period is over. Commercial waste and recycling law enforcement is underway. Are you ready?

What should you do to be in compliance and avoid fines? Read our  Q&A On New Waste And Recycling Rules – What Should Businesses Do?

Waste and Recycling:

The updated commercial/business waste and recycling law began enforcement August 1, 2017. Expect fines for non compliance. See the official notice. 

Recycling timeline 3


Enforcement began for the new organics law earlier this year.  Fines are being levied. See the official notice. 

Organics timeline

Need help?

Click here to see resources from the city, or call your sustainability consultant or Great Forest representative to see how we can help you get in compliance.

Waste Audit

  • Create detailed map of waste streams
  • Develop baseline for waste and recycling generation
  • Check current waste storage management
  • Assess current waste removal costs to make sure you are in market range

Compliance Scorecard

  • Assess current waste and recycling programs to check for compliance
  • Recommend program and storage changes to improve operational efficiency

Sustainable Waste Management

  • Ongoing support, implementation of recommended changes
  • Tenant and staff education
  • Compliant signage and labels
  • Metrics tracking
  • Assistance with setting up new programs

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[Photo: Randy OHC, Creative commons]


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