Making a Difference: Training Women in Senegal

Thank you to all our clients who have joined us over the years to support Blacksmith’s work. How did our support make a difference this year? Here is one example – a project to train women in Senegal to provide them with a safe and sustainable way to earn an income and feed their family.

Senegal Montage 4

This woman was one of over 100 women who attended the training sessions in the village of Ngagne Diaw, where over 32 children died in 2008 from lead poisoning caused by the dangerous job of backyard battery recycling. Now, these women will no longer have to recycle batteries. They will no longer be forced to choose between making a living and the safety of their children.

Blacksmith grew from Great Forest’s success and both continue to be steered by Richard Fuller. Today, Blacksmith is a four-star charity, working with governments and partners around the world to solve pollution problems and save lives. Join us to support life-changing projects like this.

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Great Forest is a proud supporter of the Blacksmith Institute, a nonprofit that works to clean up some of the world’s worst polluted communities, where children are poisoned every day.

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