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Making a Difference: Shaping the World’s Sustainable Development Agenda for the Next Decade

2014 is a crucial year.

This is the year that hundreds of countries and the world’s leading organizations will decide on a list of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that will determine the key issues the world will pay attention to beyond 2015, when the current  Millennium Development Goals expire. 

“What is agreed to this year will set the world’s sustainable development agenda for at least the next decade,” says Richard Fuller, President of Blacksmith. 

“So it is critical that the world agrees to make this issue part of the SDG because it affects over 200 million people worldwide, including many children.”

So on January 6, Blacksmith began the new year speaking at the U.N. to get the message across. >> Find out what this global issue is, listen to the U.N. presentation (audio) 

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Great Forest is a proud supporter the Blacksmith Institute, a nonprofit that works to clean up some of the world’s worst polluted communities, where children are poisoned everyday. Each month we feature a story about making a difference. 

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