Making A Difference: Great Forest Raises Money to Clean Polluted Site in India

at the gala

As part of our giving back pledge, Great Forest supported the nonprofit Blacksmith Institute’s first benefit for India, which raised hundreds of thousands for pollution cleanup, including over $30,000 to launch a new project in Khan Chandpur, a village of 1,200 people in Kanpur.

Located in the leather hub of India, the village is one of about 30 surrounded by some 350 tanneries that have polluted the region’s water source with toxic chromium, the same type of carcinogen made infamous in the movie Erin Brokovich.

Great Forest is a proud supporter of the Blacksmith Institute, an international NGO established by Great Forest founder Richard Fuller that identifies and cleans up some of the world’s worst polluted places. Over the past decade, Blacksmith has grown to become the leading voice in global pollution cleanup, working with the World Bank, the UN and other international agencies and governments.

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