Making a Difference: Earth Day – Beyond Sustainability and Climate Change

SW IN-2306 8223 copyAs we mark another Earth Day – the 44th since 1970 – it is good to know that awareness of environmental issues has indeed grown over the years.

We see this in the focus on sustainability (like we do here in this blog) and climate change — both important, pressing issues. But there remains one other global environmental problem that just has not attracted as much attention, even though it affects the lives of more people currently, and proven, low-cost solutions exist. This underreported issue is toxic pollution.

Why is the world not as focused on the threat of toxic pollution?

Perhaps it is because it does not appear to affect everyone equally. It disproportionately threatens the lives of  poor people in the developing world.  But things are starting to change. Today, more people are realizing that toxic pollution affects us all in this global economy, even if the source is half a world away.

So on this 44th Earth Day, let us not lose sight of toxic pollution as we continue to make progress in sustainability and climate change issues. At Great Forest, we are trying to make a difference by supporting the nonprofit Pure Earth/Blacksmith Institute as they work to clean up the world, one community at a time.  Help us spread the world.  Here are 15 Facts about Pollution That Might Surprise You.

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