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Mid-Atlantic Program Launches To Transform Dumpsters Into High-Tech, Responsive Tools

enevo sensor

After a successful pilot, Great Forest is launching an innovative program in the Mid-Atlantic region to take waste management to the next level. How? By transforming dumpsters into smart, high-tech, responsive tools using wireless remote sensors.

Over 250 enevo sensors are currently being installed under the Great Forest program at properties managed by First Potomac Realty Trust, The JBG Companies, Chevy Chase Land Company, Monument Realty, and others.

The sensors, which are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, use ultrasound technology to “see” inside the waste containers to measure their fill-levels. You might have read about them a few months ago here in this Sustainability 101 blog (Hello?  It’s Your Dumpster Calling).

The sensors’ right-sizing capabilities allow us to review fullness data remotely and revise service frequencies without bothering building staff. We can also tracks missed pickups as the sensor is triggered when the container is lifted during service. The fullness data provides much needed accuracy for metrics tracking and reporting.

Great Forest will soon expand the pilot to other regions. Contact us to see how you can join the program at a preferred rate for Great Forest clients, and at a special rate for non-clients.

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