Great Forest Is An EPA Waste Wise Partner

Great Forest has joined the EPA’s WasteWise program as an active participant. WasteWise encourages organizations and businesses to achieve sustainability in their practices and reduce waste. It is part of EPA’s sustainable materials management efforts.

As a participant, Great Forest annually submits our company’s waste baseline, annual commitment/goal, and the most recent set of annual data: the amount of waste disposed, and the amount of materials diverted through waste prevention, donation, recycling and composting.

Our achievement is made possible through our well-known and rigorous data collection process which we provide to all clients.  To reduce waste within our own organization, Great Forest tracks waste that was recycled, composted and donated, and also perform regular waste audits of our own waste stream. We now have years of data, including new data from a November 2020 waste audit. Even with challenging pandemic conditions, we succeeded in diverting over 90% of our waste stream!

Learn more about the WasteWise program to see if your organization would like to participate. The steps you take to join the program will help you reduce waste and lead you towards Zero Waste. It’s a win win.

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