Great Forest Clients Outperform in Efficiency, Data Accuracy

Great Forest has emerged as one of the top consulting firms submitting data from more than 50 client buildings as required by Local Law 84 (LL 84).

A preliminary report assessing the accuracy of LL84 data submitted to NYC found that information provided by Great Forest on behalf of clients was much more likely than average to have error-free results. Great Forest clients were also found to outperform in efficiency.

“We are pleased that the City has noted the accuracy of our client’s data. We know that accuracy is key to measuring the efficacy of the law,” says Sheila Sweeney, director of energy services at Great Forest.

“We are also encouraged that our clients’ Energy Star ratings calculated higher than the median of commercial benchmarked ratings. Efficiency scores for the majority of our rated buildings improved in 2011 over 2010.”

LL84 requires that buildings of 50,000sf or more submit a compliance report regarding energy and water usage to the City by May 1 of each year. The City is expected to release a wider meta-analysis of benchmarked data in the Fall of 2013.

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