Energy Alert:
ENERGY STAR Scores Are Changing

July 2018

ENERGY STAR will be re-calculating almost all commercial building scores this summer, which will impact your properties’ standing.  All the changes in source data will result in lower scores generally across the US.

ALL scores will adjust as of August 26th when updates to 1-100 ENERGY STAR scores launch. After August 26, buildings will have to work with raw data for historical comparisons to 2012-2017 data.

NOTE: EPA will not rescind prior ENERGY STAR certifications.

Buildings Should Act Now if:

  • your ENERGY STAR historical data is not complete
  • you are a high performer with a score close to 75

If you plan to apply for 2018 ENERGY STAR certification:

You should conduct a site visit ASAP and apply for certification as early as you can. Note the following deadlines from EPA-ENERGY STAR:

  • Applications submitted by July 26, 2018 will be assessed using currently available (pre-update) scores.
  • Applications received before July 26, 2018, and which require no significant follow-up or changes, will be guaranteed to be approved and awarded certification using the existing score models.
  • Applications received July 26 – August 26 are not guaranteed to be approved prior to the score changes.
  • Applications received after August 26 will be evaluated using the updated score models.

Need Help? Ask Our Energy Compliance Team:

Having trouble locating a certification firm? We can help identify the right fit for your organization based on size and operations profile.  Our Certified Energy Auditors (CEA/AEE) are ready to assist at all phases of the required scope(s) of work. Great Forest’s Energy Compliance Team can assist with:

  • Analysis of current ENERGY STAR data
  • Determination of how new score calculations will impact you
  • Historical Data management
  • Future Eligibility for the ENERGY STAR Label
  • Performance indicators for additional purposes (e.g. LEED; LL87 Compliance)
  • Keeping up date with LL84 (2009) and meeting filing deadlines, which have changed.


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