“Emergency” Waste Management Seminar To Help NYC Hotels Avoid Fines Being Issued

NYC hotels are being fined.  Now help is on its way. Join us for the upcoming HANYC Waste Management Seminar on June 29, organized by the Hotel Association of NYC with support from Great Forest.

The event was organized quickly in response to the increasingly stringent waste regulations that are affecting hotels and their bottom lines.  With an updated set of rules going into effect this summer following new rules for organics that went into effect in January, hotels will only see fines increase.

[Read the Great Forest Compliance guide for NYC hotels]

Learn how to be get in compliance and avoid fines. Discover techniques, technologies and service providers that can help.

Contact Maya Shenkman, Great Forest’s Director of Hotels, to learn more about the HANYC Waste Management Seminar: shenkman@greatforest.com

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