Earth Hour? How About Ideas For An Office Green Hour?

Earth Hour, which falls on March 29 this year, has become more than just a global effort to get people and organizations to switch off their lights for one hour.

Today, it has expanded to include worldwide projects and pledges.  So why not take inspiration from the idea of Earth Hour to make a difference on a local level, starting in your office? How about organizing an Office Green Hour?

If you can get your staff, tenants or colleagues to make a change for just one hour, you might see the benefits linger long after.  Here are some ideas to consider for your first Office Green Hour:

  • Host a potluck lunch so your fellow workers will not have to drive out for their lunch hour.
  • Get your colleagues to use all reusable containers for one day’s lunch.
  • Encourage everyone to use the stairs instead of the elevator for one hour.
  • Invite a local expert in to give a one-hour talk about a topic related to sustainability.
  • Conduct a tour of your office to point out all the green features that your building/company may have.
  • Organize a volunteer effort where everyone in your office donates one hour of their time to a local community project
  • Take 30 seconds to watch this video, and then share the video around the office for the next hour. The video reminds you about the type of paper that can be recycled. It will be a lesson you will use the whole year long.

Send in your suggestions and we will share them here.

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