Earth Day Webinar: Register Now To Attend, April 20

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What is the world throwing away?

Find out on April 20 when we host a special free Earth Day webinar to share findings from the largest global study of commercial waste ever undertaken. Hear directly from the study’s authors, who will explain the data and be available to answer your questions.

The study analyzed over 170,000 pounds of waste from buildings/businesses in the U.S. and countries around the world, revealing surprising similarities and identifying major takeaways that can help all of us reduce waste and be more sustainable.

Great Forest conducted detailed waste audits at over 100 commercial sites worldwide for the study, which has been peer-reviewed and published in The Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management. 

WATCH below to learn more.


The webinar, part of our Zero Waste education series featuring research and expertise from our TRUE Zero Waste Certified team, is free and open to Great Forest clients and friends.

So mark your calendars!

Together we can move to achieve targets like the UN’s Global Goals, the National Recycling Strategy Goals, and your company’s sustainability goals.

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