Deadline Feb. 2: Apply Now To Jump Start Clean Energy Projects With Help From Climate Corps Fellows

by Slon Pics on Flickr, Public Domain.

The Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Climate Corps is a terrific program that places trained fellows on staff at businesses over the summer to help jump start clean energy projects.

Great Forest worked with EDF fellows on two projects last year with great success. The Climate Corps fellows took the burden of communicating with the utilities off the facility manager, and also did much of the time intensive work of collecting data from site engineers and vendors. The scope of work performed by fellows can be customized according to the needs of each business, and can range from in-depth research to operational support.

In order to fully take advantage of this program, businesses have to pinpoint the efficiency area that they are interested in pursuing. Getting correctly matched with a fellow who has the experience and skill set you need is key.

Last year, Great Forest facilitated utility incentive applications for properties where a fellow had already been assigned. This year the process begins now—with determining an eligible scope of work for the fellow and where needed, building a business case for the proposed projects. Great Forest can assist with data analysis and guidance, and follow up on the project after the fellowship to ensure long-term success.

Fees for one program we worked on last year were absorbed quickly by new utility incentives and project approvals were nicely accelerated. Though we cannot guarantee acceptance for every Host application, we are working closely with EDF to help ensure project suitability.

A simple statement of intent by the Host organization is due Feb. 2. Contact Sheila Sweeney at or (212) 779-4757 today for more information.

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