Attn: Portland, OR – New Commercial Organics Mandate

On July 26, 2018, the Metro Council, the regional governing body for Portland, voted to put a new commercial organics ordinance in place.

  • Establishments that generate 1,000 pounds or more of organics per week must comply by March 2020
  • Generators of 500 pounds or more would be phased in by March 2021
  • Those with 250 pounds or more must comply by by Sept. 2022

Businesses in Portland, now is the time to get prepared.

Learn more here, or take a look at our report on the state of resource management in 9 cities –– Phoenix, Gainesville, Denver, Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore, Richmond, and Dallas — to get an idea of what is being mandated and encouraged across the country.

Need help? Contact Great Forest. We’ve been busy getting businesses in compliance across the country and can answer all your questions.


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