Attn: Dallas, TX – New Recycling Rules Will Impact More Than 90% Of Apartment Complexes

Dallas’ new Multifamily Recycling Ordinance mandates recycling for apartment complexes  with 8 or more units by Jan. 2020.

Over 90% of the city’s apartment complexes have at least 50 units. This means that the majority of Dallas  apartment building owners and manager will be impacted by this new rule, so take note. Start preparing now to be in compliance.

Currently, more than half of the city’s residents live in multi-unit buildings, but fewer than a quarter of them have access to recycling options.

Take a look at our report on the state of resource management in 9 cities –– Phoenix, Gainesville, Denver, Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore, Richmond, and Dallas — to get an idea of what is being mandated and encouraged across the country.

Need help? Contact Great Forest. We’ve been busy getting businesses in compliance across the country and can answer all your questions.

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