America Recycles Day Coming Up

Plan an educational event with Great Forest

cardboard tower display










America Recycles Day is November 15th. It’s a great time to remind employees and tenants to make use of the recycling programs you have in place.

“The most common reason people have for not recycling is that they don’t know about the recycling program.  Increasing the visibility of your recycling program is key to raising awareness,” says Amy Marpman, Great Forest’s Director of Recycling and Maintenance Services.  “America Recycles Day is the perfect opportunity to launch a new component of your recycling program or to stage an educational event.  We find the events that make the most impact are visual displays demonstrating the amount of recyclables thrown away.  The cardboard tray tower we created for the lobby of a building really got employees thinking about recycling.”

Call your Great Forest consultant to help you plan your own memorable event with information sessions, educational tables, games, recycling displays and more.

[Photo shows Anna Dengler, Great Forest’s Director of Sustainability, assembling the tower made up of 640 cardboard trays.]

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