Alert: Nationwide EPA Waste Benchmarking Coming Soon

As our clients head into the home stretch for NYC Benchmarking under LL84 (note: 2015 data must be filed May 1), we encourage all US clients to take inventory of their waste data to prepare for 2017 filings. This inventory should include identification of all the data points currently collected and the people responsible on both the vendor and client side.

The EPA has announced plans to release an input guidance tool in late summer ahead of the requirement to file this data. This from the EPA Portfolio Manager site:

We’re working with our colleagues in EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery on the data elements and metrics. The intent is to enable users to measure and track their waste and materials management practices with a flexible approach, using the data they have available. The basis of the tracking will be by management option: how much gets disposed, donated, recycled, and composted. We’ll share details of the waste tracking functionality with Portfolio Manager users before it’s released in 2016.

Contact your Great Forest representatives if you have any questions about EPA or local requirements and ordinances.


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