80-Foot High Digester Eggs To Turn Even More Food Waste Into Energy

The digester eggs at Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn. Photo: Courtesy of New York City Department of Environmental Protection

This fall, the eight 80-foot high steel digester eggs at Newtown Creek’s Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn will be processing even more of New York City’s food waste to be transformed into “pipeline quality” natural gas (mostly methane) by National Grid.

The ambitious expansion will see the amount of food waste processed each day increase from 1.5 tons to about 50 tons.  The city hopes to expand production to eventually convert 250 to 500 tons of food waste daily. Currently, the program produces enough gas to heat 5000 homes.

We will keep an eye on the program to see how it affects the energy market, and monitor how it develops regarding commercial buildings.

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