Sustainable Waste Management Solutions

Waste is not inevitable. Waste can be managed, and costs can be controlled.
Our programs are designed to:

  • Reduce waste and move businesses toward Zero Waste
  • Divert materials from the landfill into reuse or recycling
  • Transform waste into opportunities that can help achieve corporate sustainability targets and generate goodwill, for example, through donations.
  • Ensure that waste is handled properly, in compliance with all rules.

We manage ALL your unwanted assets, including: Paper and Cardboard, Glass/Metal/Plastic, Organics (Food, Waste Oil, etc.), Electronic, Universal and Hazardous Waste (Batteries, Bulbs/Lamps, etc.), Bulk Waste/Construction and Demolition, Confidential Documents , Outdated Furniture, IT and more

Waste Metrics and Measurement

Great Forest offers one of the industry’s most accurate metrics tracking services. Our volume to weight (VTW) conversion data was recently incorporated into the EPA’s updated industry standard for calculating waste and recycling weights from volumes. Our comprehensive waste benchmarking and tracking service includes:

  • Access to the powerful online Great Forest Sustainability Metrics platform for in-depth sustainability reporting, forecasting and budgeting.
  • Track and benchmark Energy, Waste and Recycling, Water, or any other customized metrics; download charts and tables for reports.
  • Metrics data analysis and verification–we triple check all data utilizing hauler weight-based data, readings from sensors, and our industry-accepted volume to weight conversions.
  • Innovative monitors and remote sensors to capture data more effectively.
  • Quarterly and annual diversion reports.


Additonal Sustainability Services

Great Forest’s core expertise in sustainable waste management solutions is supported by a comprehensive range of additional services that work symbiotically to support all your sustainability goals.

Energy management is critical, as is education and outreach, and performance measurement, compliance, and certification. Learn more.

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