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How Do Companies Celebrate Earth Day? Examples, Ideas and Inspiration

Updated March 2023 Attention: Join us for our free Earth Day 2023 webinar: Lessons From The World’s Waste.  Register now.! —— A Guide to Earth Day Ideas From World Records to Haiku Competitions Over the years, companies have celebrated Earth Day in a variety of ways large and small. Some efforts are attention-getting, like breaking

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Sculptures, Moving Globe Displays and Other Earth Day Highlights

Did you see the earth move at one of over 40 unique Earth Day events organized by Great Forest this year? It was just our latest creation – a moving, mechanical globe display, which wowed people at two locations. We made many other big green statements with our signature, attention-getting sculptures constructed out of discarded disposable cups, plastic

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Earth Day 2011 Photos

Here is a sampling of photographs from some of Great Forest’s 30 Earth Day events this year. We filled our tables with lots of grab and go information sheets, showed videos, spoke with building tenants, conducted surveys, set up recycling displays, built a cardboard structure, set up an electric car display, and even met an

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Earth Day Report 2010

Green Buildings to the Rescue Earth Day is 40 years old.  Back when it began in 1970, “green buildings” referred to their color. Today, they stand for energy efficiency, reduced waste and cost savings. But above all, green buildings can save the world! OK, maybe that claim is a little exaggerated, but the impact buildings

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Earth Hour: What Can Businesses Do?

Earth Hour, which takes place in March, began as a lights out event in 2007, has grown to become an international movement encouraging individuals and businesses alike to spark conversation and action about ways to protect the planet, with events planned in hundreds of countries.  Over the years, many businesses have moved beyond just turning

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Did You Go Dark For Earth Hour?

This  year, Earth Hour fell on a weekend! Nevertheless, we heard from clients around the country who went dark for at least an hour.  The action is a great reminder, as we approach Earth Day, that we all need to renew our commitment to sustainability.  The future of our communities, businesses and planet depend on it. Here

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