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What is in your trash?

Get a free waste assessment from the industry experts.

A study based on over 100 waste audits conducted by Great Forest nationwide shows that 77% of what a typical office throws out as trash is really NOT trash at all, but commodities that have been mistakenly discarded.  That is a lot of lost value.

Our waste assessment will provide you the data you need to start optimizing your programs, measuring success, and improving operations. Talk to us today.

    Our team is here to ensure your success, all the way with:

    → Customized waste and recycling solutions

    → Ongoing education and support

    → A full range of supporting sustainability services, including waste brokerage, metrics, reporting and certification (including LEED, zero waste), energy efficiency, and more.

    Great Forest has conducted waste audits and assessments not only in corporate offices and buildings, but also in schools, universities, VA hospitals, factories, stores, and even in NYC’s Penn Station.

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