Great Forest utilizes Comprehensive Waste Audits and Waste Infrastructure Scorecards
to understand a client’s waste profile. We utilize the data to drive programs
that fit a client’s unique needs.

Waste Audits

Great Forest is a global leader in comprehensive waste audits, having conducted 130 in 2019 alone.

Through our proprietary process, Great Forest audits all ‘ongoing consumable’ waste streams,
provides photographic records to highlight contamination and other factors, and generates
an audit report with all necessary data for reporting and LEED requirements

Great Forest’s Comprehensive Waste Stream Audits provide data that identify:

  • What is being thrown away,
  • What is being diverted from landfill
  • Where there are opportunities for improved performance.

Waste Infrastructure ScorecardSM

Complementary to Waste Stream Audits, Great Forest consultants conduct site visits
and walkthroughs of a client’s facility. These internal program reviews provide clients the following:

  • Legal compliance check of all waste storage
  • Confirmation of whether the current waste infrastructure is optimally designed

Based on the site visit, Great Forest will complete a Waste Infrastructure ScorecardSM
and make recommendations for improving waste disposal infrastructure and compliance.

Great Forest