Develop and Implement

Develop and Implement

Great Forest utilizes data from the Evaluate stage to build programs that enable clients to stay in
compliance with local laws, reach sustainability goals, lower costs and obtain certifications.

We focus on the program categories below to enable clients to reach their financial and
sustainability goals.

Downstream Capture

  • Collection Methods – Develop and implement programs such as Recycling, Organic Waste, Electronic Waste, Universal Waste, Construction & Demolition, Bulk Waste, Take Back Programs and Upcycling.
  • Modifications of Internal Waste Infrastructure – signage, bins, etc.

Upstream Management

  • Design Out Plan – To modify business operations to eliminate the need for purchasing wasteful items.
  • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy – To operationalize purchasing of fewer and more sustainable items.
  • Training and Tracking – To ensure that the program is being followed and is working.

Education & Behavior Change

  • In-Person Trainings – Develop and provide training to staff to foster improved engagement.
  • Always On Trainings – Signage, memos, videos and handbooks.
  • Organizational Design – Strategies to incentivize adherence to diversion programs such as bonus structures, competition, onboarding and creating Green Teams.


  • TRUE Zero Waste Certification – Consultants lead clients through process of attaining TRUE Zero Waste Certification, a USGBC certification that proves leadership in sustainable waste management.
  • LEED – Provide needed waste data to enable certification.
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