Utilizing data in your Great Forest Sustainability Metrics portal and from waste audits conducted,
Great Forest goes through an in-depth study of your landfill diversion program to make
necessary adjustments based on performance and updated client goals (cost, landfill diversion,
compliance or other).

In performing this analysis, Great Forest utilizes its Missed Opportunity Ratio (MOR) formula, which calculates the percent of material in the waste that should have been diverted, along with
the amount of recyclables that are contaminated and not diverted.

  • R = Recycling Stream
  • r = Recyclable Material
  • T = Trash Stream
  • t = Trash Materia
  • s = Soiled
  • o = Organic material

The result of this equation enables us to focus in on where there are greatest opportunities for landfill diversion improvement.

Great Forest