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Your America Recycles Day Toolkit: 20 Tips and More

America Recycles Day is November 15. This ARD toolkit contains recycling tips, facts you can share, and ideas for helping your business make an impact on America Recycles Day, even at the last minute.  While recycling should be a year-round activity, America Recycles Day is a great opportunity to put the spotlight on recycling to

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Is America Recycles Day Obsolete?

This article was first published in Triple Pundit. ——- What did you do for America Recycles Day? For over 20 years, Americans have been coming together each November 15 to mark America Recycles Day. It is the one day dedicated to educating and motivating friends, family and colleagues about the importance and impact of recycling. Today,

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Q&A: Brenda Pulley On America Recycles Day

Oct. 2015 Do we really still need one day set aside to promote recycling? Do we still need America Recycles Day? If you read John Tierney’s recent New York Times article “The Reign of Recycling” (and the enormous outcry that followed), you would know that the answer is yes.  We still need America Recycles Day because there are

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Earn Extra LEED Credit For America Recycles Day?

Did you know that you can use events and outreach activities you are planning for America Recycles Day (which falls on November 15) to earn extra LEED credit for your building? This “design yourself” Innovation in Operations (IO) credit is not assigned to any one LEED category. Instead, it allows you the freedom to present “new and creative solutions to

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“Recycled” Bird Takes Off At America Recycles Day

Great Forest hosted a series of events at office buildings across the country on America Recycles Day to promote recycling. There were games, giveaways, “Lunch and Learn” lectures, and even a magnificent six-foot-tall bird created out of recyclable materials! “We wanted to draw attention to the fact that everything we used to create the bird can

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Are You Ready For America Recycles Day 2013?

Thousands of recycling events are held across the country around November 15 each year to mark America Recycles Day. Want to get people talking about your organization’s recycling? Try creating a big statement in the lobby (like this recycling structure on the left), or organize a small educational event just for your office. You can even do something as simple as sharing

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America Recycles Day Coming Up

Plan an educational event with Great Forest                   America Recycles Day is November 15th. It’s a great time to remind employees and tenants to make use of the recycling programs you have in place. “The most common reason people have for not recycling is that they don’t

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Earth Day – Ideas, Inspiration and Opportunities

  Wondering what to do for Earth Day on April 22? Here’s some inspiration. Consider an E-Waste Drive – a typical building generates close to one ton of e-waste every few months. One building collected an astounding amount of e-waste – over 2484 pounds — in just 2 hours! Earth Day Events Organized Worldwide: Four Examples

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Earth Day Events Organized Worldwide: Four Examples

This article first appeared in Environmental Leader, March 25, 2014 How about breaking a world record for collecting and shredding paper, or filling the lawn of your office building with “sculptures” made of recyclable cups, or holding a haiku competition to promote your sustainability website? These are just some of the more creative ways companies have

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