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NYC Businesses: Get Ready For New Rules

Are You In Compliance FINAL 2-

Attention all NYC businesses.

New waste and recycling regulations went into effect last year. We are now in the warning period.

Recycling timeline 3

The warning period for the new organics rule just ended.  Enforcement begins Jan. 2017.

Organics timeline

Are you ready?

Learn more:  Q&A On New Waste And Recycling Rules – What Should Businesses Do?

Need help?

Here is what we can help you do to get in compliance.

Waste Audit

  • Create detailed map of waste streams
  • Develop baseline for waste and recycling generation
  • Check current waste storage management
  • Assess current waste removal costs to make sure you are in market range

Compliance Scorecard

  • Assess current waste and recycling programs to check for compliance
  • Recommend program and storage changes to improve operational efficiency

Sustainable Waste Management

  • Ongoing support, implementation of recommended changes
  • Tenant and staff education
  • Compliant signage and labels
  • Metrics tracking
  • Assistance with setting up new programs

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[Photo: Randy OHC, Creative commons]


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