Waste Audits and Assessments

A waste audit is a survey of a facility’s regular daily (ongoing) waste stream.

Audits will Identify what is being thrown away, what is being recycled or diverted through other means, and the amounts of each type by weight or volume. 

Waste audits are key to:

  • Verify hauler-reported data.
  • Conduct a waste removal RFP.
  • Quantify the effectiveness of current purchasing, recycling and/or diversion programs, as well as identify improvements to those existing programs.
  • Meet LEED requirements.
  • Regulatory compliance audits and reporting.


Great Forest offers waste audits ranging from basic to comprehensive, depending on your goals:

Overall review of content and volume of waste and recyclables

Great Forest generates an estimate of daily volumes of waste and recyclables from an on-site walk through and discussion with staff. This type of survey includes a review of loading dock equipment, collection procedure and waste and recycling program compliance. This survey is appropriate for conducting a waste removal RFP and initial feedback on a facility’s waste and recycling program.

Waste and/or recyclables weighed and visually assessed for content type

Great Forest audits a representative sampling of waste and recyclables. Our process:

  • Identify waste stream contents visually
  • Record weight and basic contents of each sampled bag or bin

Report will provide overview of effectiveness of existing recycling programs, identify areas for improvements, and will provide overall diversion ratio. Raw data will be included in the report.

3) Comprehensive Waste Audit :
Trash and/or recyclables are sorted by material type and weighed. These audits satisfy LEED waste audit requirements

Great Forest will audit a representative sampling of 30% of waste stream at minimum. (Must be a review of 100% of the ongoing waste stream to comply with the requirements of LEED for Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance v2009 or higher.) Our process:

  • Identify and tag bags for sampling.
  • Weigh and record each bag sampled.
  • Open identified bags and separate contents by material type.
  • Weigh and record each separated material type.


Need a different type of waste audit plan specific to your team’s needs and budget? Call us to set up a free consultation.


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