Waste Consulting and Management



Great Forest can design, develop and implement customized waste and recycling programs that fit your needs, and provide ongoing management and monitoring.

  • Continuous oversight with upgrades and adjustments performed when necessary to increase program effectiveness and ensure compliance.
  • Industry insights for planning and responding to  changing regulations, standards, and market conditions.
  • Ongoing education and training that reaches out to management, staff, tenants as well as cleaning and janitorial crews.
  • Resources to support your sustainability goals, including customized sustainability websites, videos, newsletters, events, surveys, and more.
  • Expert help with right-sizing service schedules, storage equipment such as cardboard balers and specialized compactors, and new waste processing technologies to deal with onsite organic waste and more.
  • Expert guidance in developing industry initiatives such as the HANYC Sustainability Awards, which recognizes and honors NYC hotels leading the way in sustainability. Great Forest continues to provide expert guidance in growing the awards and selecting the awardees.

HANYC Sustainability Awards

Great Forest