Energy Advisory Services



  • Regulatory/incentive program management supporting renewables and efficiency
  • Flexible solutions to meet emissions reduction, local law compliance, and budget goals
  • 100% customized metrics support accounting
  • ASHRAE standards for measurement and verification
  • ENERGY STAR partnerships, industry challenges and net zero competitions
  • Benchmarking
  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Tracking
  • Maximize energy efficiency while keeping project costs low. Our flexible solutions are designed to help you meet emissions reduction, local law compliance, and budget goals. Our 100% customized metrics support accounting with best practices implementation and incentive applications.

Strategic Energy Management and Budgeting

An all-systems approach to maximizing energy management control. We work with all available funding sources such as utility, state and federal incentives to lower first cost of efficiency projects and to accurately monitor results. We build custom solutions to investment opportunities while creating a detailed view of both budget and emissions impact. The result is clear and detailed variance reporting tailored to your financial concerns.

Benchmarking and Advanced Metrics

We support the reporting needs for clients nationwide and internationally to ensure compliance with local and ASHRAE standards for Measurement & Verification (M&V) capability. Our successful benchmarking efforts in New York under Local Law 84 (2009), audits and retro-commissioning reports for Local Law 87 (2009), and work in anticipation of LL88 (tenant sub-metering) have been expanded into similar services for other cities, including Chicago and Washington, D.C. We also support all certification efforts, including LEED, with data for energy and emissions reporting.

Procurement, Load Analysis, Demand Control

The procurement process starts and then renews with a complete analysis of your load profile, which are priced only after the Great Forest team conducts a series of thorough analyses of demand curves, thermal efficiency, and time of use considerations. We then help structure appropriate pricing and rate classes with the utility company, local suppliers and demand response and controls providers. Our 20-year experience with the New York Public Service Commission, various Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Federal (FERC) regulatory filings fills out the market intelligence aspect of our work.

Economic Development Awards & Grant-writing

Building on a combined 45 years of economic development program approvals and successful grant-writing, Great Forest is uniquely positioned to serve the programming needs of clients seeking to limit their environmental impact through cogeneration, onsite renewables, and “deep retrofit” projects. These services include permitting support for alternate fuels and critical/emergency generation.

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