Education and Outreach


Our dedicated in-house communications and design capabilities set us apart in this area.

We create and tailor educational programs and material for distribution in a variety of formats, from upscale videos and customized websites to interactive webinars, educational handouts and signs. We also offer in-person presentations for your employees or tenants, as well as building scorecard facility walk-throughs conducted with the janitorial supervisor, and bilingual training programs for janitorial staff.

  • Outreach to support your sustainability goals and showcase your successes, including newsletters, industry blogs, social media and other communications vehicles
  • Education that reaches out to management, staff, and tenants, and other stakeholders
  • Bilingual training for cleaning and janitorial crews
  • Customized sustainability websites and other online resources
  • Branded videos
  • Webinars and presentations
  • Flyers, posters, labels and other printer materials
  • Special events with displays and games; events to mark America Recycles Day, Earth Day, Earth Hour, Daylight Hour and more.
  • Building surveys, assessments and compliance scorecards

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* Read our article in Environmental Leader or the Sustainability 101 blog:  Get the Message with Big Green Statements

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