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Waste Audits Success Story:
Great Forest Helps USGBC Keep An Eye On Their LEED Performance

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Even the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the organization responsible for the LEED green building program, must keep an eye on their own LEED performance.

As waste consultants for the USGBC, Great Forest helps the organization monitor their sustainability efforts through quarterly waste audits. Waste is one of five categories used to determine a building’s LEED performance score. As they explain:

“The LEED performance score helps us manage and maintain the sustainability goals we’ve set for our space… This kind of analysis provides us with opportunities to lower our environmental impact and realize financial savings. Following the quarterly audits, Great Forest provides us with a detailed waste stream analysis as well as suggestions for improvement.

Great Forest recommendations following each audit have produced improvements even with simple changes. For example, Great Forest suggested that the USGBC install a box to collect the vast amount of plastic bags used. When filled, the box could then be returned to a nearby grocery store or other plastic bag drop-off location. It was a simple solution to a problem revealed in a waste audit.

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