• Estelle Silberman, Event Manager, Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture

    Managing Waste/Recycling Logistics For Large Festival
    Great Forest has been instrumental in helping us minimize trash and maximize recycling and composting at our large-scale festivals.  Through comprehensive planning, educational sorting stations and well-designed signage, Great Forest has moved us toward our goal of successfully separating waste at our events while educating event-goers on the importance and processes of sustainable waste management. Great Forest has had a big impact on our long-term sustainability initiatives as well by supporting our waste-management efforts and inspiring our staff to accomplish our goals of low-waste impact throughout the year.

  • Sarah Currie-Halpern, Program Lead for the NYC Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge

    Great Forest Helps Participants Succeed In Mayor’s Challenge
    The Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge resulted in the total diversion of 36,910 tons of material being diverted from landfill and incineration, which results in an enormous environmental benefit to our city… Great Forest played an important role in helping participants like the Peninsula New York reach a 67% diversion rate… It’s organizations like these that are helping forge the way to the city’s goal of Zero Waste to landfill by 2030.

  • Kathleen Murphy, Property Manager, 650 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

    An Ongoing Sustainability Partnership
    Great Forest has developed and maintained all of our ongoing sustainability initiatives, including energy efficiency projects, the installation of waterless urinals and our comprehensive recycling program. Using their quantitative metrics system, Great Forest tracks these programs to report our successes and drive improvement. As a result, we have achieved a recycling diversion ratio of 90%, and reduced water use by thousands of gallons a year.

    Since we have been working with Great Forest, we have initiated Earth Day events and our tenants have become more engaged in the sustainability process. The staff of Great Forest has been great to work with – they are always responsive and manage to keep the momentum going even when the team at the property is focused on so many other activities.We are proud of our accomplishments and very glad to be working with Great Forest.

  • Joanne Morano, Director Property Management, Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River, NY

    Recycler Of The Year
    Great Forest helped us win the Rockland County Recycler of the Year award in 2009 with the efficient recycling program they set up for the multiple tenants in our buildings.  They work diligently, over the past 18 years, to maintain our recycling programs, training cleaners, educating tenants, tracking recycling statistics and working with haulers.

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